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Evolution courses at ASU

Connecting Evolutionary Biology with Medicine

The Center for Evolution and Medicine is developing new educational programs designed to do the following:

Educate a future generation of researchers and health professionals

The field of medicine is rapidly evolving and as important as ever. Everyone from those exploring its avenues in research labs to those practicing it in hospitals need to keep up with advances while also learning fundamentals. CEM's education programs will one day help ensure future generations are given all the education they need to be the next leaders in healthcare. 

Provide a grounding in evolutionary biology for today’s physicians and public health professionals

One of the CEM's core tenets is that evolution is an important and necessary aspect of modern medicine. If scientists can use evolution to better understand disease and the needs of our bodies, their decisions and discoveries can lead to a healthier society. As a result, all of our classes will look at health through the lens of evolutionary biology.

Build a world-wide network of resources for researchers

Acess to information is important in all areas of science, but especially so when living things enter the equation. By building this world-wide network, we can connect and share resources between researchers and professionals with ease. That way, whether someone is looking for answers or a collaborator, they will be able to find what they need.

Education program roadmap

  • New education programs at ASU
    • Undergraduate courses
    • Master's Degree in Evolution and Medicine (under-development)
    • ASU Online course (under-development)
  • Continuing Medical Education for physicians
  • Online open access education resources for students, researchers, physicians, and public health professionals
  • Conferences and workshops for researchers and clinical professionals