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Course List

The list of courses below are relevant for those with interests in evolutionary theory and its
application for health and disease. Not all classes have an explicit focus on evolutionary medicine,
but do cover topics relevant to the field. Many classes are taught by CEM faculty and include
coursework in anthropology and biology. 

Fall 2019

ASU Online (fully-online programs), On Campus, iCourse (online classes for on-campus students)


Course Name Faculty CEM Faculty ASU Online OnGround iCourse
ASB 100 Introduction to Global Health Mubayi/ Hurtado
ASB 210 Human Sexuality: Anth Perspective Bidner
ASB 301 Global History of Health Baker
ASB 462 Medical Anthro: Culture/Health Hruschka
ASB 494 Evolutionary Medicine  Huijben 
ASB 598 Maternal and Child Health Edmonds
ASM 104 Bones, Stones and Human Evolution Morgan/ Gilby
ASM 494 Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health Hinde
ASM 598/ BIO 598 Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health Hinde/ Edmonds
ASB 294/ BIO 294 Introduction to Evolutionary medicine Trumble
ASB 494 Maternal and Child Health Edmonds
ASB 598/ BIO 598 Maternal and Child Health Edmonds/ Hinde
ASM 246 Human Origins Morgan
ASM 394/ BIO 394 Evolution and Medicine Visiting Speaker Recitation Huijben
ASM 394/ BIO 394 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Krijn
ASM 543 Primatology Gilby
ASM 546 Principles of Human Genetics  Stone 
BIO 345 Evolution Maley/ Sterner
BIO 431 Genes, Development and Evolution Hackney Price
BIO 591 Evolutionary Medicine Huijben 
EVO 598/ BIO 498 Practical Applications in Computational Life Science Wilson 
EVO 598 Current Topics in Evolutionary Biology Wilson