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The list of courses below are relevant for those with interests in evolutionary theory and its application for health and disease. Not all classes have an explicit focus on evolutionary medicine, but do cover topics relevant to the field. Many classes are taught by CEM faculty and include coursework in anthropology and biology. 

Fall 2018




ASB 100

Introduction to Global Health

Anuj Mubayi

ASB 101

Anthropology: Understanding Human Diversity

Kim Hill

ASB 210

Human Sexuality: Anthropological Perspectives



Topic: Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine

Benjamin Trumble

ASB 494

Topic: Maternal and Child Health

Katie Hinde

ASB 305

Poverty and Global Health

Amber Wutich

ASB 355

Traditional Medicine and Healing

Jonathan Maupin

ASM 104

Bones, Stones/Human Evolution

Thomas Morgan, Kaye Reed

ASM 201

Epidemics and Outbreaks

Megan Jehn

ASM 300

Anthropological Sciences Seminar

Sarah Mathew

ASM 313

Great Adaptations

Joan Silk

ASM 443 / 543


Ian Gilby

ASM 494

Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health

Hallie Edmonds

ASM 494 / 591

Topic: Models in Social Evolution

Kevin Langergraber

ASM 506

Clinical Gross Anatomy

Cheryl Hill, Shawn Zack

ASM 570

Fundamentals of CAS Science

Bryan Daniels, Manfred Laubichler

BIO 201

Human Anatomy/Physiology

Heather Hutcherson, Delon Washo-Krupps

BIO 202    

Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Heather Hutcherson, Delon Washo-Krupps

BIO 302

Cancer-Mother of All Diseases

Carolyn Compton

BIO 311    

Biology and Society

Matthew Chew

BIO 340    

General Genetics

Reed Cartwright, Gillian Gile, Jesse Taylor

BIO 345


Carlo Maley, Beckett Sterner

BIO 360

Animal Physiology

Marianne Moore, Miles Orchinik

BIO 361

Animal Physiology Laboratory

Nathan Smith, Sebastian Scofield

BIO 386    

General Entomology

Michael Jansen

BIO 394

Topic: Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology

Athena Aktipis

BIO 394

Topic: Evolution and Medicine Visiting Speaker Recitation

Melissa Wilson Sayres

BIO 431    

Genes, Development & Evolution

Jennifer Hackney Price

BIO 446 / 546

Principles of Human Genetics

Kevin Langergraber

BIO 461    

Comparative Animal Physiology

Dale Denardo

BIO 475    

Adv. Human Anatomy

Jeffrey Kingsdbury

BIO 494    

Topic: Genetics and Genomics of Behavior

Gro Amdam

BIO 494    

Topic: LEAP - Entering Research

Sara Brownell, Katelyn Cooper

BIO 494 / BIO 598 / EVO 598

Topic: Evolutionary Data Analysis

Susanne Pfeifer

BIO 498 / BIO 591

Topic: Population Genetic Reading Group

Jeffrey Jensen

BIO 522    

Populations: Evolutionary Ecology

James Collins

BIO 598    

Topic: Computing for Research

Melissa Wilson Sayres

BIO 790

Topic: Developmental Evolution

Manfred Laubichler

EVO 601   

Principles of Evolution

James Collins

EVO 610   

Research Areas of Evolution

Melissa Wilson Sayres