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The list of courses below are relevant for those with interests in evolutionary theory and its application for health and disease. Not all classes have an explicit focus on evolutionary medicine, but do cover topics relevant to the field. Many classes are taught by CEM faculty and include coursework in anthropology and biology. 

Spring 2018

*courses in bold are taught by CEM's core faculty.

ASB 100Introduction to Global HealthMegan Jehn
ASB 101Anthropology: Understanding Human DiversityKim Hill
ASB 210Human Sexuality: Anthropological PerspectivesKatherine Hinde
ASB 294/ BIO 294Topic: Introduction to Evolutionary MedicineBenjamin Trumble
ASB 301Global History of HealthBrenda Baker
ASB 357Society, Drugs and HealthDaniel Hruschka
ASB 368Hunter-GatherersKim Hill
ASM 394 Evolution and Medicine Visiting Speaker RecitationAnne Stone
ASB 494/591Evolutionary MedicineRadnolph Nesse
ASM 104Bones, Stones, and Human EvolutionChristopher Stojanowski, Ian Gilby
ASM 246Human OriginsJoan Silk
ASM 300Anthropological Sciences SeminarMichael Barton
ASM 301Peopling of the WorldAnne Stone
ASM 344Fossil HominidsWilliam Kimbel
ASM 401Health and Human BiologyAna Hurtado
ASM 494/598Evolutionary Medicine and Global Health
BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology IHeather Hutcherson, Delon Washo-Krupps
BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology IIHeather Hutcherson, Delon Washo-Krupps
BIO 302Cancer--Mother of All DiseasesCarolyn Compton
BIO 345EvolutionJeffrey Jensen, Christian Rabeling
BIO 360Animal PhysiologyMarianne Moore, Manuel Cevallos, Gro Amdam, Jon Harrison
BIO 370Vertebrate ZoologyPierre Deviche, Kevin McGraw
BIO 423Population and Community EcologyBenjamin Blonder
BIO 440Functional GenomicsKenneth Buetow
BIO 494/591Evolutionary MedicineRandolph Nesse
BIO 494The Evolution and Ecology of CancerDiego Mallo Adan
BIO 498Microbiome and Social BehaviorAthena Aktipis
BIO 543Molecular Genetics and GenomicsKenro Kusumi
BIO 545Populations Evolution GeneticsJesse Taylor
BIO 591Microbiome and Social BehaviorAthena Aktipis
BIO 598Dimensions of Complex SystemsManfred Laubichler
EVO 610Research Areas of EvolutionMelissa Wilson Sayres