CEM Associate Director, Anne Stone named Regents' Professor

CEM Associate Director, Anne Stone named Regents' Professor

Center for Evolution & Medicine Associate Director, Anne Stone, has been named a Regents' Professor for 2016-2017. Dr. Stone was given the award for her extensive work in evolutionary genetics, infectious disease, and forensice science.

2016 Regents' Professor Anne Stone from ASU Now on Vimeo.

From ASU Now:

"Professor Stone is an anthropological geneticist who has transformed knowledge in forensic science, the genetics of infectious diseases, and the evolutionary history of humans and the great apes. She was a key developer of paleogenetics techniques for extraction of DNA from ancient remains. Her lab verified the first Neanderthal ancient DNA and contributed to information that led to a better understanding of the Tyrolean Iceman (a man frozen in the Alps about 5,000 years ago).

She has published significant work on the genetics of reemerging infectious diseases, especially leprosy and tuberculosis. Her lab showed that tuberculosis likely "jumped" into humans more recently than previously thought and that ancient strains of tuberculosis in South America were introduced by infected seals.

A talented researcher in evolutionary medicine, her publications outside of anthropology journals include Cell, Nature, and Science. She has been a Fulbright Fellow, a Kavli Scholar and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Stone was recently elected by her peers to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, which includes past and present members such as Jane Buikstra, Margaret Mead, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein."

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