Athena Aktipis Lab

This lab studies five different areas; cooperation, walk away, cognition, cancer evolution and ABM.

Jeffrey D. Jensen Lab

The Jensen Lab studies population genetics - utilizing theoretical, statistical, empirical and experimental approaches.

Manfred Laubichler Lab

This lab studies: the theory of developmental evolution and complex adaptive systems, computational history of science & philosophy of life sciences.

Anne Stone Lab

The areas of research in this lab are cross-disciplinary, variously involving bioarchaeological, molecular genetic, population genetic, and genomic analyses.

Melissa Wilson Sayres Lab

This lab focuses on the study of sex chromosome evolution, sex-biased processes, and mutation rate variation.

Jay Taylor lab

This lab focuses on the population genetics and evolutionary biology of organisms living in variable environments using a combination of mathematical modeling, field work and DNA sequence analysis.

Sara Brownell lab

This lab works to design more effective teaching strategies, learning more about how students learn and work with faculty to promote institutional level change.

Benjamin Trumble Lab

Our lab focuses on how environmental conditions like parasites, pathogens, food availability, and social interactions impact human health. 

Faculty Labs

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Tomorrow night, at the 154th annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, Regents’ Professor Anne Stone will be inducted as one of its newest members.

The Center for Evolution is once again accepting applications for its Venture Fund, with the goal of connecting evolutionary biology and topics related to medicine or public health. The fund provides opportunities for ASU/Mayo faculty and students to earn funding of a research project.

Scientists know more about tomatoes than breast milk, and that's a problem for Center for Evolution and Medicine faculty member Katie Hinde.