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Faculty in the Center for Evolution and Medicine work in a highly collaborative environment. Learn more about their labs.


CEM faculty receive funding from a variety of sources to support their research.

Funding Opportunities

The CEM helps support research in evolution & medicine through grants to ASU faculty and fellowships for post-docs and faculty from other institutions.

Discovering Evolutionary Explanations for Disease

The Center for Evolution & Medicine supports interdisciplinary research by bridging the many different disciplines (e.g. infectious disease, genetics, clinical medicine, veterinary medicine, anthropology, psychology, etc.) where relevant research takes place. Research at the Center demonstrates the power of evolutionary biology to address problems in medicine and public health.

  • ASU will recruit 8 new faculty researchers for the Center in the next 3 years to augment existing expertise at ASU and the Mayo Clinic.

  • Priority areas include cancer, preventing antibiotic resistance, the microbiome, evolutionary genetics, and diseases of modern environments.

  • Some Center sponsored research is about human disease, but other projects are about disease in other species, or about basic questions such as the origins of mechanisms that control mutation rates.

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Tomorrow night, at the 154th annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, Regents’ Professor Anne Stone will be inducted as one of its newest members.

The Center for Evolution is once again accepting applications for its Venture Fund, with the goal of connecting evolutionary biology and topics related to medicine or public health. The fund provides opportunities for ASU/Mayo faculty and students to earn funding of a research project.

Scientists know more about tomatoes than breast milk, and that's a problem for Center for Evolution and Medicine faculty member Katie Hinde.