Center Initiatives


Research that demonstrates the power of evolutionary biology to address problems in medicine and public health
ASU will recruit 8 new faculty researchers for the Center in the next 3 years to augment existing expertise at ASU and the Mayo Clinic
Priority areas include cancer, preventing antibiotic resistance, the microbiome, evolutionary genetics, and diseases of modern environments.
Some Center sponsored research is about human disease, but other projects are about disease in other species, or about basic questions such as the origins of mechanisms that control mutation rates.    
  • New education programs at ASU
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Master's Degree in Evolution and Medicine
  • ASU Online course
  • CME for physicians
  • Online open access education resources for students, researchers, physicians, and public health professionals
  • See resources at 
  • Conferences and workshops for researchers and clinical professionals
  • ASU faculty are invited to propose workshops on topics related to evolution and health
  • Initiatives that connect the network of evolution and medicine programs worldwide