CEM Venture Fund

In October of 2015, The Center for Evolution and Medicine launched the CEM Venture Fund. This was an opportunity for all ASU, Mayo faculty and students to take part in and submit a proposal for further funding of a research project. The Center accepted evolutionary medicine project proposals in the forms of travel grants, graduate fellowships, research support, workshops and education resource development. The goal of the CEM Venture Fund is to connect evolutionary biology and topics relevant to medicine or public health.

2015 Projects and Awardees

  • Conceptions of acceptance of evolution among college biology students- M. Elizabeth Barnes and Sara E. Brownell
  • Understanding human adaptation and population history in the Caribbean islands: A genomics approach- Maria A Nieves Colón 
  • Assessment of DNA Methylation Patterns in a Non-Human Primate Model of Osteoarthritis- Genevieve Housman, Ph.D. Candidate Collaborators: Dr. Anne Stone (ASU), Dr. Ellen Quillen (Texas Biomedical Research Institute)
  • Responses of the gut microbiome to rapid environmental change- Dr. Kevin McGraw, Professor, SOLS & Pierce Hutton, PhD student, SOLS
  • The Creation of Global EvMed Educational Resources by ASU Students- Karla Moeller, PhD candidate of Biology, Senior Educational Outreach Specialist, ASU